Why joy designer?
Because joy must be the Start  for everything…
because there is no creativity without joy.

This is how I see myself, even when I was a little girl I was intrigued and excited by everything around me, I was looking for the mysterious charm of life . That sort of moment of suspension where things show themselves in their brilliant essence . My creative imprint comes from there!

When I met Fernanda Badoch , owner of the Lucciola brand, a company specializing in baby clothing, I was only 17 years old, perhaps too young for those decidedly refined environments, but Fernanda's magic and tenacity allowed me to be who I am today . I basically learned everything from her, especially the unconventional approach to work .

Working together with that extraordinary and magical person, who gave shape to my creative soul, I learned the strong principals that I then developed in my profession: passion, authenticity and integrity . These are the points that later allowed me to set sail and to venture into the freelance world, collaborating as a consultant for important companies in the children, and women's sectors .

Two other illustrious people, such as Piero Comunello and Marco Danieli , have formed my ability to summarize the complexity of the creative and production process , a teaching that I feel is a precious professional background and that has guided me over the course for over twenty years, spent into the historic Venetian company INTRECO (which later became IDEA). I was internal designer for the prestigious owned brand, my beloved Papermoon , and for other major brands licensed later such as Trussardi, Miss Sixty, Energie, Murphy & Nye and Geox .

I travelled all over Europe for  research styling and develop a personal MADE IN ITALY taste and method , also knowing the foreign production world up close.

Today, with 35 years of experience on my shoulders, I am back to work as a freelancer.

All this significant baggage of experience led me to develop my own personal working method based on the emotional aspect, where thanks to a lively, fresh and engaging overall vision, I can develop projects in an innovative way, combining the commercial aspect with the creative one .

The passion for design and style  has also become an integral part of my role as a fashion designer, as well as that for photography and for the organization of fashion shows .

Here is a summary of my multifaceted approach to work, a mix of passion, innovative visions and skills, which allow me to collaborate with my clients to achieve common goals, working with professionalism, passion and creativity